Thanks… but I still have questions

Congratulations for making it this far!

It’s important that you don’t get analysis paralysis. It’s time to stop kicking the tires, get your questions answered, then make a decision! You’ll learn while you earn, and your support team is 2nd to none.

Here are some of your coaches

Michael Roy Gardner II - Success Coach

Michael Roy Gardner II - Success Coach

5linx SVP's that will be mentoring you
5linx SVP’s

Products and Services FAQ


  • Digital telephone over the Internet
  • Plans ranging from basic service to unlimited local and long distance

Wireless Services

    5LINX™ Internet


    • Broadband Internet from the nation’s leading broadband providers
    • Get broadband from the largest providers in the nation

    Satellite TV

    • Up to Free 5 room system with free installation
    • Fantastic Sports programming
    • Great cultural/ethnic programming

    5LINX™ FAQ

    Who is 5LINX™?

    A direct sales company

    Where is 5LINX™ based?

    Rochester, New York USA

    How long has 5LINX™ been in business?

    Launched operations in March, 2001

    What does 5LINX™ mean?

    It stands for the five principles the company is built upon:

    • Freedom
    • Integrity
    • Vision
    • Opportunity
    • Success

    Is 5LINX™ publicly traded?

    No, 5LINX™ is a private corporation

    What about the 5LINX™ management team?

    • Over 25 years direct marketing experience
    • Over 30 years corporate Telecommunications experience

    What do I get when I sign up for $499?

    • Training Kit with marketing and support materials to start your business
    • Personal website (24 hr virtual toll booth)
    • 1 on 1 training from proven 5LINX™ leaders
    • Ability to market fortune 500 telecommunications services

    What are the advantages to starting a 5LINX™ business?

    • No Boss
    • No Monthly Quotas
    • No Employees
    • No Territory restrictions
    • No Inventory
    • Tax Advantages
    • No Limit on Earnings
    • Low Investment

    How do I get started?

    Any major credit card, Check or Money order

    Are there any additional fees?

    • There is an annual renewal fee of $39 (waived if you sign up for platinum services)
    • Up to $49.99 per month for 5LINX™ Platinum Services

    How do I get trained?

    • 5LINX™ gets you started in business for yourself but not by yourself
    • You have a support network that has a vested interest in your success
    • Conference call training held every day
    • 5LINX™ has ongoing trainings, locally, regionally and nationally

    What if I have questions after I get started?

    5LINX™ has representative support services available Monday through Friday for additional questions. Just call Representative Services at 585 359-2922.

    How do I make money with 5LINX™?

    There are many revenue streams.

    • Weekly Bonus payouts when a new representative qualifies.
    • Monthly Residual payout based on a percentage of your customers’ bills every month
    • Monthly Bonus payouts for acquiring new customers.
    • Monthly incentive bonuses

    How much are the weekly checks?

    Based on your earned position you can earn $100–$570 per new personally qualified representative. You can also earn overriding bonuses between $50–$320 every time a new representative is qualified in your team.

    How much are the monthly checks?

    Your monthly income is calculated on the overall billing of your company. The total number of new select customers in your company also calculates your monthly income.

    How many checks a month?

    5LINX™ pays up to 5 checks per month.

    How much money can I earn?

    There is no limit on your income

    How much do I get paid when I sign up a customer?

    There are many variables. You can earn from 15¢ residual up to a $60 onetime bonus. 5LINX™ has the most lucrative payout plan available today.

    How does 5LINX™ track commissions?

    Through a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar software commissioning system. You can see real-time access to all your current and future commissions.

    Are there perks or benefits for top producers?

    Yes. As an SVP you can qualify for up to:

    • $800 car allowance per month for your BMW
    • $1,000–$3,000 monthly expense allowance per month
    • Annual paid vacation
    • Additional 1% residual override on all your customers
    • Profit sharing

    Is 5LINX™ a pyramid scheme?

    Absolutely not!

    Do I need to become a telecommunications expert?

    No! 5LINX™ has a training system in place to help you in building your business. There is no prior experience required.

    How much time will I need to put in to be successful?

    You will get paid based on the results you produce. There is no predetermined time commitment.

    Why is it important that I do not procrastinate in making a decision to join 5LINX?

    The timing and positioning of 5LINX™ in the local phone and wireless industries right now is the key. Just like the PC industry’s millionaires in the 1980s.

    How can I pay for my 5LINX™ Standard or Platinum Services?

    • There are two ways to pay for these two services.
    • Monthly by credit card
    • These charges will be made 3 days before the expiration of the service
    • Yearly (for a discount) by credit card, check or money order

    What 5LINX™ products are counted as customer points?

    The following service(s) count as personal customer points:

    • Home Security
    • Wireless Service
    • Satellite Television
    • Internet Service
    • 5LINX™ Services

    The following service(s) do not currently count as personal customer points:

    • Online Shopping Mall purchases

    How does the 5LINX™ Online Shopping Mall work?

    The 5LINX™ Online Shopping Mall is one of 5LINX™ value added services. Shopping Mall purchases pay out a one time commission sixty (60) days after the original purchase is made (with the exception of travel, which at this time does not pay a commission to 5LINX™).


    Why should I use GLOBALINX™?

    Traditional phones and traditional rates are the dinosaurs of the 21st Century. GLOBALINX™ provides the value you want now. You’ll save money with GLOBALINX™ compared to traditional telephone service. GLOBALINX™ Home Unlimited allows you to make unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada. Take advantage of our low, low international rates. Your voice travels over the Internet using a regular phone and our world class VoIP technology. Our standard package includes conferencing, voicemail and loads of premium features, like Call Blast, an intelligent call forwarding capability.

    GLOBALINX™ sets up in under 60 seconds! Plug our GLOBALINX™ device into your high-speed Internet connection — either cable modem or DSL line — hook up a cordless or regular phone and start making calls at big money-saving rates immediately. Enjoy those same savings and features whenever you travel by taking your GLOBALINX™ device with you. It also makes a perfect second phone line.

    What are the basic requirements to use GLOBALINX™?

    You need high-speed Internet access, a touchtone phone and a GLOBALINX™ Device capable of transmitting and receiving VoIP. While standard phones use a Telephone Adapter to do this, SIP Phones and Soft Phones come VoIP-ready.

    What shipping method do you use?

    We ship via UPS to the U.S. & Canada.


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